WOW Dogtrainer Fenya

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WOW Dogtrainer Fenya wants to improve the coexistence between human handler and dog so that they can enjoy a better quality of life, without stress or frustration

About me

Hello, my name is Fenya Mentzy and I am a dog trainer, certified by ANACP*

In 2018, the pillars of WOW Dogtrainer Fenya were created excercising basic obedience group classes and interventions in behavior problems, improving coexistence between humans and pets so that they could understand each other and attend to their needs.

* La ANACP es la Asociación nacional de adiestradores caninos Profesionales

We provide advice and support to adopting families to ensure an optimal and successful transition for their new canine companion

We teach basic skills such as sitting, staying, coming when called, and walking on a leash to promote obedience and effective communication between the handler and their dog

We address behavior problems such as aggression, anxiety, fear, excessive barking, and socialization issues to improve the quality of life of your dog

We help dogs with separation anxiety using techniques based on positive reinforcement to improve their well-being and reduce their stress


After a therapy with WOW Dogtrainer Fenya both the dog and his human handler will be able to enjoy their lives in peace, fully trusting and understanding each other.

What are they saying about me?


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Blue (Ale & Vane)
Blue is a young braco that started training since he was a puppy, he is a very energetic dog that needs discipline and understanding. He has improved his attitude a lot both at home and outside, he is very obedient and sociable with other dogs.
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Duncan (Clare)
Duncan used to be very aggressive towards dogs and people. Clare and Carl have used other trainers with invasive techniques. They prefer the techniques used by WOW Dogtrainer Fenya, which are more logical and respectful. Duncan has gone from being the worst pup in class to being the best example
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Asha (Alba)
Asha couldn’t go out on the street because she used to lunge at dogs and people. She’s doing much better since we started training; now she’s more aware of her handler than of her surroundings. Asha feels safer at home and outside.
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Piki (Nicole)
Piki is two years old, we started training at 3 months old. She has learned a lot, if she doesn’t go to classes she’s a very active and reactive dog towards people or other dogs. In classes she socializes, behaves better, and we give her all the attention she needs. Classes are good for both dogs and people, who also learn a lot.
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